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Volunthai’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 12 Oct 2011

Location: Thailand

MapYvonne Hendrych, Germany

I was a volunteer in Prang Ku, a small town in Si Saket Province, rural Northeastern Thailand. I can only report that I had the most wonderful time teaching and living there. Everyone was incredibly nice and helpful and I felt at home right away. My hosts were like my new family in Thailand and we got along well even without speaking the same language. My host mother made a great effort to learn some English and I did my best to learn some Thai words. Teaching was great fun but also quite challenging because I was teaching many different classes and all different levels of English. So I always had to first check and then quickly adapt to the level of English they had. But luckily some previous volunteers kept a teacherís diary and wrote down their experiences with the students so I could check in advance what kind of games or exercises they had been doing. Anyway the emphasis is on conversation, which is best done through little games or quizzes. Students love competitions and teaming up against each other. It sometimes takes a bit to involve them because often they are very shy. But once they warmed up it was so much fun. I must say I enjoyed all my classes and never had a boring moment! On Sundays I went to a temple school to teach the little ones (5-8 years old) together with Thai teachers from Prang Ku who teach there on a voluntary basis. All the teachers at Prang Ku are committed and engaged and dedicate so much of their free time to the school and the students. It is really remarkable. And the students were just wonderful. They were so nice and polite and really eager to learn English. I can only recommend this experience to anyone who enjoys being with children and to anyone who is interested in getting to know a new culture.
Thank you Volunthai, this is really a remarkable initiative which offers unforgettable experiences for both sides.