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Volunthai’s Travel Diary

Monday, 01 Aug 2011

Location: France

MapHello to you all (future) volunteers for Thailand! I should have posted this months ago but my crazy "western style life" hasn't left me much free time since I got back from Thailand. My experience with Volunthai was simply AMAZING. I spent only two weeks teaching, but I have just one wish: to go back and spend some more time there!
The Volunthai family are great at handling all the organization details and they are always there to help if necessary... My host family was just perfect and, as I was traveling alone, they really made me feel at home.
My two weeks in Thailand are full of memories that even now, 6 months after my experience, are very strong... I met wonderful people, participated in fantastic festivals, and I passed the most difficult challenge of my life when teaching the children. I had five 30-minute classes a day for children from 4 to 6 years old and it was just fantastic to be with them every day.
Thank you to Michael and Ae for this experience! :-)

Alina, France (contact me if you wish):