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Volunthai’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 16 Feb 2011

Location: Netherlands

MapDave, Holland

How to describe an amazing and unforgettable experience..?! I taught for six weeks at Phuduang Suksalai School in Chaiyaphum. Being the first foreign teacher at the school, without any teaching experience, this was a most challenging and educative period. With teaching an average of three classes a day I could teach all 200 students once or twice every week. The teachers and students were most friendly and enthusiastic, a bit shy at first but confident and interested soon after.

My host family was very hospitable and kind. Especially Ao, my guide and host, put a lot of effort in showing me around and introducing me to everyone and everywhere. Living with and like the Thai in Isaan is a life changing experience! Their warm and welcoming character is truly relaxed and generous.

I hope I managed to broaden the studentsí English skills and motivated them to study and use English more often. And if thereís a possibility to return to the school, as a visitor or teacher, or to my host family, Iíll definitely go back!
So the only advice I can give to those thinking of volunteering is: just do it and have a once in a lifetime experience!