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Volunthai’s Travel Diary

Monday, 06 Sep 2010

Location: Vienna, Austria

MapI volunteered in Phakdee Chumpon, at Jiang Tong school for 4 weeks. Jiang Tong is a school with about 1000 students ages 12-18. The teaching part was really challenging and we also had a lot of extracurricular activities in August, like speech competitions, sport days,...
The students are quite shy at first, but after some time they feel more confident and they always treat you with a lot of respect.
For me it was really good to see how school works in Thailand, because at some time I will be a teacher in Austria and I have some ideas now, how different school can be.

My host family were really great and they always looked out for my needs. We spent a lot of time preparing delicious thai foods, so I never went hungry! And every day I ate with my family at least 2kg wonderful fruits! So I saw a side of Thailand that I would otherwise never have known.

I think that this project is a very good thing for Thai students as well as for volunteers. Both sides can learn a lot about the other's way of living.

Raphael (Austria)