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Volunthai’s Travel Diary

Friday, 10 Jul 2009

Location: Ban Nongkha, Thailand

MapTeaching at Ban Nongkha school
Rob van den Bosch, The Netherlands
On the 10th of July I left from Bangkok to Chaiyaphum. Volunthai staffer Oom picked me up from the bus station. The first day she gave me some basic training in speaking Thai and how to deal with the children. The next day the director of Nongkha school picked me up and we went to my homestay. There was a nice room and also another volunteer present so he taught me some things about the culture of the Thai people. The next day we went to our school, 1 kilometer from my homestay, and I began teaching. My schedule was: 4 lessons per day and teaching kids from 12-17 years old. Also I brought some materials with me from The Netherlands, games and stuff, that were helpful. During the 7 weeks I was there we did some grammar training, learned about telling the time, the days of the week, and especially worked on pronunciation. Thai children are really great and they were very enthusiastic and eager to learn. My stay was much too short, but now I have a good idea about living and teaching in rural Thailand.
Many thanks to Oom and Volunthai for their great support!
Cheers, Robbie