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Volunthai’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 18 Nov 2008

Location: Prang Ku, Si Sa Ket province, Thailand

MapOne Month in Prang Ku, Si Sa Ket Province.
Paul and Monique, Holland,

Located in the rural Prang Ku district lies the ‘Prangku Junior High School’, a large school with over 2000 students (around the age of 12-18 years). It is this school's policy that volunteers see every student (if possible), thus after four weeks of teaching we have seen almost all classes. From the first day we felt a lot of warmth from our host-moms, who took really good care of us! We lived in our own homestay next to the school so we did not have one host family; instead we had many host moms who all took care of us. The people in Thailand are very nice and friendly, and in Prang Ku this feeling only grows. Whenever there is a problem (whether it has to do with spiders or a hungry volunteer), they are more than willing to help. One of the coolest things was riding the (pink!) motorbike of our first host mom, Pi Nid, through the beautiful rice fields with water buffalos on (and sometimes in) the road.
At the beginning we had to adapt to the cold Thai shower, but the total experience was more than worth the effort. The classes really love 'farang' teaching them some English, and we enjoyed playing games and singing songs with them. If they can understand it, they are far more enthusiastic than any Western student! Every time we walked through the campus the children politely wai-ed (traditional Thai greeting) us, giggled and shouted 'hello teacher'! It is amazing to experience the joy the children have, and it feels good to be a part of the Thai community, even for a month.