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Volunthai’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 04 Sep 2007

Location: Thailand

MapThe time I spent volunteering in northeast thailand was definitely the highlight of my trip around Asia. I learned more in the first week of my homestay than i did in months traveling around by myself. For me, the best part of my volunthai experience was living with a family and getting to know the culture. Having these insights into thai culture really changed how i viewed and experienced thailand for the rest of my stay after volutneering.

Thai people are all about having fun and having a good laugh. Seriously, you can not to wrong by volunteering with Volunthai. The teachers and students are so excited to have you there that even if you just showed up to school they would be happy.

My host family fed me extremely well...too well. So I decided to take up running while I was there. There were fantastic flat dirt roads that all intertwined to make huge circles. Watching the sun set behind ricefields and over this big pond was just beautiful. After school jogging was a really great way for me to decompress and be alone. I got some strange looks from people around the villiages but you just have to accept that they are going to be curious about you.

I was so well looked after and cared for by my family that it was strange to leave and have to look out for myself again when I left them. I really cannot say enough good things about my stay. I even had a maid who cooked for me and washed my clothes everday. Living conditions were better than they are at my parents house. Everything you read about smiling, laughing and being pleasant is true, as long as you do those things the thai people will love you.

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Amy Blaisdell