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brad’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 02 Aug 2007

Location: Passu, Pakistan

MapWeve camped at the back of the best restaurant in town money saved on accommodation can be spent on food! Times are quiet; the restaurant built for tour groups sees little traffic these days. It sits solemnly atop a hill overlooking the village which is nestled riverside in an immense valley of wild frontier like mountains. Rain fell overnight, the weather patchy and the restaurant cozy. Staring out the window at Avdegar peak we contemplate climbing it today, deliberating until 12pm, at which time motivation strikes.
We cross the valley, then the river via a mad bridge, bush bashing through scrub until at the mountains base. From here its literally straight up. Finding our way on goat track switchbacks we work intensely and seemingly arrive nowhere, the mountain unrelenting. Formidable clouds brew and the sun is sinking. For 7 hours weve walked, an hour longer than anticipated yet our planned campsite is elusive, along with any sign of a water supply. At a moderately level ledge with enough space for 2 tents we set camp, only moments before the clouds open and a stunning display of light penetrates the weather. Waterless, a cooked dinner is a non-event substituted by a handful of cashews and Snickers. I love camping., the only time when one can justify a Snickers for dinner.

Overnight I collected 3.5 litres of water running off our tents into a cook pot. We delight in a cooked breakfast and spectacular views from Passu up-valley to Batura glacier. Alas we must return to Passu and save the summit for another occasion.