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Nick & Tim’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 31 Jul 2003

Location: Toronto, Canada

MapSARSstock Detour

Here we are, still in Toronto, eating yet another amazing breakfast provided to us by "Kristen the Amazing". Its a late breakfast after a very late night at SARSstock. Pete is still humming "Taking care of Business" - the Bachman Turner Overdrive surprise that he loved best yesterday. After checking out the CN tower in the morning - which we might add was quite the impressive structure (see photos), we all hopped on the Toronto subway for the airbase to the North of the city where the concert was being held. They were expecting 500,000 and we think they got something like that. The place was jammed. I don't think any of us had been to something so big. It was also very hot, adding to the feel of excitement and chaos. It also added to the number of wet T-shirt (and no T-shirt) girls that the cameramen loved to zoom in on for the big screens. Speaking of big screens. There were heaps of them, since being at the back of a crowd of so many meant you could see nothing without the aid of a big screen.
The day started off a bit slow, with some act that involved stuffed animals and Dan Akroyd yelling about the USA a bit too much. We did enjoy one act though by Sass Jordan that we sat in the sweltering sun to catch. When it was time for Justin Timberlake to play, it was time for us to find something to eat. So we stepped, pushed, and weaved our way through the masses of people, trying not to and failing to not step on peoples' blankets. At one stage we drafted behind an ambulance which managed to cut through the crowds well! We made it to beef alley. An appalling display by the beef industry of Canada and the US who were jumping on the disease affected bandwagon (mad cow) to pedal all sorts of beef products at very high prices. One stand even had the carcasses of two cows pinned open on a wall. Mmmm very enticing. We think if you'd asked for something vegetarian you would have been executed on the spot.
After eating we started moving back towards the stage. With each act we got closer. We caught "Rush" first up who had laundromat washing machines and dryers as props (your guess is as good as ours folks!). Their lead singer had a high pitched voice which we did find kind of funny. Next up was ACDC. Okay, they're Aussie, and a little bit embarrasing, but by the end we were proud Aussies. In our opinion they were the best act of the night. Despite all looking very old they put on a very high energy act. Even better was the little head banger dude in front of us with the most amazing hair that he shook up and down while hanging on to the barricade for support. He was true ACDC - don't stop rockin. After ACDC the big one came on - the Stones. Looking even older than ACDC they put on a good show too. Playing all the faves. They even did a little duet with JUstin Timberlake which was pretty funny actually.
Once the concert was finished, it was time to join the masses to try and get back to downtown. We faired pretty well, expecting a two hour walk, we managed to hitch a ride in the back of a pickup, then get an empty bus, and be directed by a friendly Toronto couple through the subway. Cool. 3am home and we weren't even drunk, mainly because the beer queue was two hours. A very good concert however, that made us fall in love with Toronto too.
Back to the Soo today in the car and back on the bikes tomorrow as we change course and head for Ottawa - the capital.