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Nick & Tim’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 30 Jul 2003

Location: Toronto, Canada

Map Special last minute sidetrip - Toronto for the 600,000 people Rolling Stones concert!

We couldn't decide if we should divert our ride an extra 700kms to see Toronto or go their on the way back. And then... on the road, the idea was tossed around about hitting the concert being put on in Toronto. Its a concert to get people back here after all the SARS rubbish, and 600,000 people are out today to see the Rolling Stones, AC DC, Justin Timberlake, and a whole heap of others. OK so we're not great fans of any of the above, but its going to be an experience getting out with that many people and watching some old guys dance around on stage!
We drove down here yesterday, having fun honking at all the tour du Canada cyclists on the way past in our hire car. We couldn't find water pistols to really get them. We also had to lose the goose - a guy who kind of latched onto us since the night before and we decided was a bit of a freeloader. He somehow manages to ride across Canada with no sleeping bag, no money, no tent... sneaking into parked buses and stuff. We didn't wake him up and nearly escaped into the car with our gear. But no... we got caught and had to tell the man straight, but it was pretty funny. 7 hours or so and a lot of bad highways which we are glad we are not riding we entered urbana. Toronto is the first real big city in Canada, and it feels like a big city too. The skyline is dominated by the big needle, and lots of skyscrapers, and the streets have a that big city chaos feel to them too. Besides being minus 30 in winter, we think we could probably live here after our one evenings experience. We're being put up by a super top chick Kristen, best friend of girlfriend of Mike, who lives in a great apartment downtown. From her balcony you can see into the windows of the penthouse where the Stones are, but they kept the curtains shut last night. We took her out to dinner as a thank you, and ate our first quality cooked meal in ages - Atlantic(!) Salmon. So this morning we're off on a city tour, then this afternoon its time for concert chaos! And maybe tomorrow we will see Niagara, then take the drive back to Sault St Marie (the Soo) and our bikes to restart the ride. So this will be a great Canadian experience, and a bit of a welcome diversion from everyday biking. So as we don our SARS masks and head out into the craziness... until next time..... don't stop the rock.