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Nick & Tim’s Travel Diary

Monday, 28 Jul 2003

Location: Sault St. Marie, Canada

Map 5070km woohoo!!!

We finally made it around Lake Superior... its bloody huge! From Thunder Bay to here we have followed the coast of one of the largest bodies of fresh water in the world - so big the horizon eats the other side and you feel like you are on an ocean! The rides from Thunder Bay have been hilly but beautiful, following the coast up and down headlands, or next to smaller lakes, through little towns, and misty days. We've been teamed up with Pete and Mike, the Canadian boys and their Bob trailers filled with surprises. While we cook up peanut butter/ pasta surprise everynight, they pull out frying pans, spice racks, a jet engine stove, and cook up gourmet meals! We've had a lot of laughs, learned a few local words and customs, heard and told a few stories, and generally had a lot of fun. Its been fun too, weaving our way through the 18 Tour du Canada bikers each day as we have camped with them nearly every night since Thunder Bay. We made some good friends there too (in the 20s category, and 30s if we count cute Katherine). Mel, Lindsay and Jessica have been a lot of fun, convincing us to swim in the frozen waters of Superior, hiking, enjoying the sun, and entertaining us with stories of the joys of group trips. We've had a bit of fun bruising a few old egos too, by passing at speed fully loaded some of the more 'grumpy old men' types. We look forward to catching up with the girls back on the west coast for a reminsce and story swap session. And we'll probably get well drunk too - or at least the girls will, they're good at that. Have a good trip girls - wish we could be there at St Johns all at the same time. Have fun, stay sane!
To fill you in on events since last time -
We had lunch in Thunder Bay at the recommended spot, Hoito. It's a restaurant run by some of the resident Finish population - the largest outside Finland. And it was good, different, and cheap. Traditional food that filled us up well. We also had the opportunity to weigh ourselves - the same weight as we left with - its just that its been moved from the fat store and upper body to the legs! So we promptly found the best bakery in Thunder Bay and filled up on their goodies - some local specialities too. Chocloate muffin style base, icing style filling, covered in chocolate. Yum! From Thunder Bay we stopped at Nipigon, then Terrace Bay - for our first dip in cold Lake Superior (she froze over last winter and hasn't quite warmed up yet) and a hike up the gorge. Hi to the hairy moustached campground lady - thanks for the great 5km walk we didn't need. Next White Lake - more sun and swimming and mozzies that attacked with no mercy, Wawa (with the big geese statues), Agawa Bay - a beautiful sea like bay with clear water and beautiful coast and a storm that kept us awake and drenched everything, and the last stop before Sault Ste Marie, Pancake Bay which was white sand beaches and beautiful water. Hard to leave! Our last three days have been shorties to enjoy the ride and scenery - about 80kms. Its nice - sleep in, long breakfest and lunch, then power away 40kms between each, then relax by the lake in the afternoon. This is the life!
The rides have been so nice - particularly the day that was mist filled all the way to Agawa Bay. Climbing hills in mist, with beautiful little lakes either side of the road, all through the Lake Superior Provincial Park. The hills are big, and there are many, but with the views and fun of riding down the other side, there great. Pete and Mike hold the speed records at around 80km/h with their road bikes and trailers. Nicks at about 65 with the sail like panniers holding him back. (sorry mum, won't do it again) We've even done a few good deeds for people - got a guy who was bogged in a ditch out (he didn't understand gentle on the accelerator - only floored), changed a tire for a car, rescued a frisbee from the frigid waters of Superior. So we deserve some tail winds we reckon. We've also added a few things to the freebie list - a whole bunch of free cake after lunch today, at which Pete ate Canadas largest Hamburger - the size of a dinner plate, putting the burger Nick ate the day before to shame - "The Big Bad Wolf Burger". Wawa had Canadas largest goose - and not much else. So we're staying in a college tonight here - then onwards to Ottawa, or Toronto, we haven't decided which way yet. Lots more to see, long road to go... Seeya next time.....