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Nick & Tim’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 17 Jul 2003

Location: Ignace, Canada


Today we just arrived in Ignace, halfway down the stretch to Thunder Bay. Rolling hills, lakes, rolling hills, lakes, trees... you get the idea. We're back in bear country, moose country, and holiday country. Its very nice to be out of the prairies but the legs are really feeling it. As a little girl being carried by a father said as they walked past at a service station, obviously just arrived out of the prairies to N. Onatrio too - chanting "up and down, up and down, up and down". Yep!
We met two girls trying to take a timer shot at the border of Ontario - so we helped them out. Well after we updated last and rolled into camp (after the first proper swim in beautiful Kenora) we met them again. Or should we say all 18 of them. Not 18 supermodel cyclists, as we had hoped, but the Tour du Canada - a yearly organised bike ride where a truck carries the gear across and everyone rides the days and meets up again each night. Well we got to know some of them, "so you're the aussies...", and an understanding of how a group trip works (or not!). Anyway - we have been invited to the big halfway party in Thunder Bay which should be fun, or interesting - all of us falling over after half a glass. Turns out these guys have been chasing us since Banff - we were there the same night, and our two days off in Winnipeg let them catch us. But it won't be a race to the finish - we have to carry our gear after all!
The terrain has changed, and the scenery is quite beautiful - alomost BC like, just a little flatter. The roads are better too - (anything is better than Manitoba!) although today there was a 26km stretch of completely tornup road and roadworks - but they let us just go through. Everyone in cars had to queue for over 30mns, we like that. Which meant we had lots of empty road, then a stream of cars, then peace for a long time again. In terms of events, well Tim's had a couple of flats, but thats about it. All is going well, we just have a few decisions to make about which route to take and what to see. So until Thunder Bay....