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Nick & Tim’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 15 Jul 2003

Location: Kenora, Ontario, Canada

Map3800 km

Well this is just a quick update from the library in Kenora, Ontario. Quick because my shoes smell very bad and the library may have to be evacuated if I stay too long. Also because there is a beautiful lake here and the weather is warm.
So we are out of Manitoba and thankfully out of the Prairies! They stopped pretty suddenly as the massive meadows gave way to rocks and trees and the occasional hill just outside of Winnipeg. Our stay in Winnipeg was good with a well earned two day rest and some time in a motel. Sunday night we encountered the local passtime - "street posing" or something like that along the main street, Portage Ave. We were catching the bus back to our hotel from the city and noticed there were a whole heap of youngsters (sounding old now are we not?) in hotted up cars driving around. As we progressed down the street we noticed there were people in deck chairs and sitting in the back of there pickups out to watch. It was quite bizarre, and in our opinion a little sad, but who are we to judge. An interesting experience all the same. The local newspaper the next day had an article in it about the whole thing. They were all in favour of having the whole thing banned and all the youth shot. At least the article explained the whole thing to us, we were a more than slightly confused by the whole spectacle.
The ride out of Winnipeg was in true Prairie style, uneventful, yet it could have been very different. We saw dirty big purple rain clouds all around. People at gas stations kept asking us if we'd been caught with worried expressions and we'd say "No, not yet." quite innocently. Turns out we read today that Manitoba was hit with tornados and hail storms yesterday. Guess we were lucky!