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Nick & Tim’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 05 Jul 2003

Location: Swift Current, Canada

Map2700 km (or so)

So here we are in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. A little town in the middle of the never ending Prairies. They really do seem unending today with a nasty headwind that is slowing our progress across them.
Back in Medicine Hat just after we updated last we went to Safeway to buy a chicken to eat for dinner when a guy called Doug rode up to us and offered us his back garden to stay in! What a top person. He and his wife Bonnie are cyclists from way back, and they told us of there tour that spanned from Mexico to Canada. They knew how hard it can be to get a good campsite and so offered their back garden and shower and cake and much more, super, super genrous people. So we stayed in their yard in Medicine Hat that night and after refusing coffee and breakfast (we don't do either usually!) and saying a very heartfelt thanks we head on our way. The way was good with an amazing tailwind all day yesterday. We flew a good 150km to the town of Tompkins. Tomkins is pretty cool, a little town with a very country style diner that offered us fantastic food to finish off the day. Smokies (sausages) and Perogies (Potato Dumplings) for Tim and a steak sandwhich for Nick. This meal added to the already large amount we ate between us:
6 litres of Soft drink (Coke for Tim, Mountain Dew for Nick)
3 Bran Muffins
3 Choc-chip Cookies
2 Chocolate Bars
1 Family Block of chocolate
4.5 Tuna Bagels
1 Entire pack of Safeway Butter Choc-chip cookies
1 Icecream
1 Cinnamon Roll
1 Pudding Cake
1 Apple Crisp
You can see that although we are a third of the way across Canada without buying gasoline, we still need fuel!
Speaking of fuel, last night we were woken, in our campsite, by some X-Files style freaks (they looked really inbred and cultish) who had managed to set there stove gas bottle on fire. It was quite a display and had us worried for our own patch of grass. They managed to put it out thankfully. Those two were offset buy a friendly couple who had just returned from the Yukon and had many stories to tell.
So now its onwards to Herbert (a small town) if we can stand the headwind to get there!