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Nick & Tim’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 05 Jun 2003

Location: Through Vancouver, Canada

MapWell we just arrived in vancouver, back from Vancouver island. The sun has shone since the day we began, and its been HOT! We have riden 350kms so far, on highways, mountain bike tracks, railbeds, paths, forest roads, across trestles, suspension bridges, you name it. We have camped in the forest, in parks, in a resort with a spa even! I tell you, after a massiver days ride nothing beats a swim in the pool, then jumping into a hot spa. We've seen snakes (4), Deer (10+), chicken bird thingies (2), mink (1), Eagles (many) and came across what we think was a bear, though thankfully there was a large fallen tree between us and it. We know it wasn't a deer, as deer can't stomp around like this thing! We have told our story many times already, as we have met some interesting people by what we are doing. Everyone is great, so helpful and supportive. We've had free drinks and cake from some pretty girls in Nainamo, had forestry workers escort us through logging, a mullet man pull up next to us and offer to have us stay in his backyard and get fed and showered and take us mountain biking in the mountains (we turned this one down after a 95km day!). Not to mention the great help of Tracy from Tims work who is the most superfriendly helpful Canadian there is! She took our spare gear into her garage to store, then gave us the best dinner we've eaten in years, BBQ'ed chicken and salmon with sundried tomatoes. Beats our spagbol, and peanut butter based cooking on the camp stove. Disasters so far (there will be many) - Nick blew a back tire, very loudly and left ears ringing. Required a ride back to the last town for a new tire. Tim lost his sunnies on the beach somewhere. SO far thats it. Now sorry for no photos now, we just don't have time.... there are no camp areas near vancouver, and its 2:42 and we have 60km to ride... so until next time... hasta luego!