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Nick & Tim’s Travel Diary

Friday, 30 May 2003

Location: Leaving the Couver..., Canada

MapHi all, the first message of the trip, written quickly as there is so much to do before we escape. Had a nice few beers last night with some friends, and spent the days packing down, buying gear, and generally getting psyched for it. We leave Saturday, unless we scam another night here to delay until Sunday, the 1st day of summer. We've called the page transcanada, and that is the general idea, but in reality, its whatever we feel, based on what we want to see, and how it all goes really. We'll be putting up photos, and stories as we go when we can (the depths of Canadas interior is lacking in technology we hear!). We're going light, well as light as you can - tent, sleeping bags and mats, 3 shirts, pair of shorts, long pants, fleece, rain jacket, and few pairs of socks and undies, maps, GPS, camera and torches and a few bike spares and tool, stove and cooking gear. So if you don't see us coming, you'll smell us. Should keep the bears away anyway. The 'pretty' curls that have been sprouting out of Nicks head for the last 4 months making him look like his dad on his wedding day have been removed to baldness, and the constant treat eating has put a bit of extra energy storage on our waists. So basically we think we are ready. Stage 1 - Vancouver island will tell us if we are. Should be about a week and we'll be passing back through Vancouver and will be able to put an update up. So until then... happy trails as they say...