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Andy’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 22 Feb 2007

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam


It was back to Hanoi for a few days after Halong Bay. ruth and I spent our last days together shopping for xmas items for my family which she was to take home, recording a small xmas day video message for my family, and exploring the bars and clubs on offer and having a last few nights.

And then it was time for me to leave for China and say goodbye to southeast asia after a brilliant six months, and goodbye to Ruth who was the best travel partner i could have wished for (who else would stroke my arm to get me off to sleep when i asked?!) and was jetting off to Thailand for a little taste of the south islands before heading home.

On a side note - Vietnamese drivers are possibly the worst i had yet encountered. The horn is used very strictly in Vietnam, only for the following situations:

1) When a vehicle is blocking your path and you want to pass.
2) When another vehicle blocks your path and and you don't want to pass.
3) When no vehicle is in front of you.
4) When a pedestrian is in the road.
5) When a pedestrian looks like they may cross the road.
6) When a pedestrian is on the pavement.
7) When there are no pedestrians.
8) Instead of braking.
9) Instead of maneuvering around vehicles, animals or people.
10) Instead of keeping to the correct lane.
11) Instead of having any basic knowledge of road safety rules.