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Andy’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 11 Feb 2007

Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


Saigon's roads are notoriously bad. I have never seen so many mopeds and motorbikes. They clog every inch of the roads.

One evening I overheard a poor guy telling a friend on the phone that on his first day in the city he waited so long for a gap in the traffic that he finally slinked back to his hotel room and spent the rest of the day there, not venturing out because there was nowhere he could go.

We fared only slightly better. Walking back from a restaurant we crossed the road too late for the red light. When we were just halfway across thousands of bikes, a tide of vehicles, swept around us from both directions trapping us in the middle and skirting dangerously close us and each other. Thankfully the Lonely Planet guidebook gives good advice; walk, don't run! If you take mini steps across the road the current of traffic swirls to avoid you until eventually you are over the other side.

I'll never complain about traffic in England again.