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Andy’s Travel Diary

Monday, 11 Dec 2006

Location: Phuket, Thailand


I arrived in Phuket and checked into the hotel Ruth and Sam were in; an amazing place called the Phulin Resort which was a 3-star, way-out-of-my-budget, package hotel - in essence i was taking a holiday from travelling.

I’ll keep this post brief because Phuket was not my cup of tea. Most of our days were spent around the pool sunbathing, trying to escape the almost unbearable heat and protecting Sam and Ruth from further sun exposure - “Look in the mirror” was the first thing i said when we were reunited. Their skin shone like a red neon sign.

On our final day we made it to Kata beach with its beautiful strip of white sand and clear sea. But a beach could not make up for Phuket as an island. Where were the tasty, cheap food stalls? Why were there in-house singers in the restaurants? Were all the boisterous girls in go-go bars just really friendly? What were all those old, white men doing with young thai woman (girls) - uncles visiting nieces????

As others (Mel and Helen from uni) had warned me Phuket is more family, or sex tourist-oriented. A place for holidaymaking, wife-seeking or simply paid sex - not travelling. The island had a faint air of the Costas. Not what i had travelled half way round the world to see.

Still we had some nice moments including two wonderful sunsets on the beach whilst sipping beers. And Dino Bar was great! A restaurant designed around a prehistoric theme, with solid stone tables, waiters and waitresses dressed as the Flintstones and pools of fish and turtles criss-crossing the floor. We then played crazy golf next door - this was American style crazy golf, i.e. crazy (unlike pitiful British attempts). Continuing with the dino theme we played up dinosaur tails, through their legs, into nests of their eggs, over ponds, swamps and logs, even inside erupting volcanoes.

After three days i was quite glad to leave though. Espeically as i knew what destination was next.


Food of the week: Deep fried, whole frog. Delish.