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Andy’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 14 Nov 2006

Location: Phitsanulok, Thailand


What do you think my Thai nickname would be? No, not Ting Tong! I found out in Phitsanulok when Layla, Alice and I were invited over to a young Thai couples table. Such hospitable people in the north and central areas - to an extent. The woman informed Layla her hair was “bad” and that she should, “lose 10 kilos”. Alice faired even worse! From the chin up she looked fine, “like a doll”, but her bubble was soon burst; below “needed work”, especially her “chunky arms”. How delightful. Luckily she was very flattering to me and named me Pet (rising tone - thai is a tonal language) which means ‘Diamond’, not Pet (flat tone -meaning spicy). Though vis-a-vis the latter i have been told that in the bedroom……on second thoughts maybe i shouldn’t go there, you could be eating.