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Andy’s Travel Diary

Monday, 03 Jul 2006

Location: Cairns, Australia


The only other redeeming feature of Cairns, apart from the people i met up with was my trip down the Tully River.

Cairns is one of the adevnture capitals of the world. Bungee jumping, skydiving, epic swings and white water rafting!

The Tully is one of the best places in the world to white water raft with some truly terrifying violent an fast currents, abrupt turns, powerful edddies and numerous drops and dangerous exposed rocks. There are six grades of whitewater rapids; one being the easiest and six positively life threatening. We would bravely face level five! Eeek.

Iím just glad they told us three people had died in the last five years when i had got in the boat and not before.

The day out was one of the most fun things i have ever done. Ever.

For five hours we hurtled down the river, screaming as we plunged over 45 rapids that coursed through Jurassic era rainforest - one of the oldest in the world. Of course we had little time to appreciate the wonderful views for most of the journey. Our guide sped us over some horrifying drops, paddled us head first into huge rocks that then span us round and thrust us backwards down the next fall.

On quiet sections though we drifted through some amazing scenery and were allowed to jump out and gently drift down the river. Then we tried body surfing where we individually threw ourselves head first into a rapid and it held us in the same spot riding the current. Other highlights included rafting under a waterfall (which felt like being pounded by rocks until eventually you found your head was between your feet), jumping out of the boat and being sucked down a short, steep, natural water flume, and cliff jumping. A great day out! My voice was slightly hoarse after.