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Andy’s Travel Diary

Friday, 23 Jun 2006

Location: East Coast, Australia


I’ve just been informed by a very reliable source (Lucy - best friend) of some dastardly developments back in England. Apparently since i have been away KitKat have launched a peanut butter version of their highly successful chocolate and wafer biscuit bar. I came up with this idea back in 1999! I told everyone at school to cries of “it can’t be done”, “your crazy, be gone with you”, and a whole host of negative publicity. Well, time has vindicated me. I was called mad, but it seems i should have been called a genius. I was simply too ahead of my time.

I’m now waiting to hear if an apple-puree crunchie bar will be released…also predicted by me in 1999. Am in the new Nostradamus?