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Andy’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 11 May 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia


Few days later we all decided to explore the harbour so we booked ourselves on one of the ferries in Circular Quay and sailed off to explore the many coves and bays of the largest natural harbour in the world whilst enjoying a nice free bottle of champagne as one of our group knew the owner of the ship. Very relaxing just chilling out on the deck in the mid afternoon sun, with a glass of bubbly in hand. Tough life eh?

Very nice beaches and bays around Sydney. Tempted by the cruise we decided to take a day trip to Watsonís Bay on the Friday. Quaint, very small, with not much going on except one of the best fish and chip restaurants in Australia. Attacked by the biggest flock of seagulls iíve ever seen. Serves me right for teasing them with chips that i kept eating instead.

One of the other days (they all seem to meld into one when travelling, iíve totally lost all ability to keep track of what day it isÖthursday??) i went to the botanic gardensÖ.not that impressed! Apparently they have had a severe drought recently so all the plants looked rather thirsty. But i did read the story of fauna in australia. This in itself was rather boring, but there was a section entitled ĎInvasioní which piqued my curiousity. This was the first time in Australia that i had heard of the white settlement of Oz conceptualised in this (arguably very justifiable) way. Itís also interesting to note how immigration is such a hot topic here and so many people seem to be against it considering the history of the modern state of Australia.

Iíll have to cut this short as itís already an essay, but the last few days have been spent enjoying the cities nightlife (Darling Harbour mainly - a very swanky and buzzing part of town, with nice bars, restaurants and yuppified apartments) many parks, and the cheap but delicious cuisine on offer in Chinatown.

Lastly, yesterday we went to Bondi. Not the nicest beach iíve ever seen but certainly one of the most famous so we did some sunbathing and watched the multitide of surfers catch some waves. Chilly by mid-afternoon so iíve decided to start heading further north. Later today i set off for Byron Bay! Very excited, have heard so much about it.


Food of the week: Definitely pigs blood jelly congee (which is a thick rice soup from China). Canít get enough of the stuff. Actually i canít get enough of any congee, seafood, pork, plain etc etc. Iím hooked.