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Andy’s Travel Diary

Friday, 21 Apr 2006

Location: Melbourne, Australia


Yesterday i visited Pin Oak Court. ”Pin Oak Court???!!” i hear you cry, “What on earth are you on about Legon?” Well, for those in the know, Neighbours is not actually a reality programme (Former Highbury peeps - i can hear the squeals of shock from you half way round the world). Ramsay Street is in fact called Pin Oak Court, and it was with much excitement and a little intrepedation that i set off of a journey down memory lane via a trip to Erinsborough (also a fictional place - the name is an incomplete anagram of neighbours. Some good pub trivia for you all.)

The tour bus picked us up from the hostel and proceeded at top speed to Erinsborough High. On the way we witnessed many people pointing, laughing and making ‘loser’ signs. I’m not sure what they were ridiculing, but I’m sure it had nothing to do with our bus having the Neighbours logo emblazened across our bow.

After a few snaps at the school we headed off to the studios to stalk some of the cast. Alas none appeared but we did get to watch Scott and Charlene’s wedding -a seminal moment in the show that defined an entire generation of kids.

Then on to the main course. Ramsay Street. Much smaller than it appears on the show. But there it was, Toadfish’s bachelor pad, the Kennedy’s bungalow (i may be a tad behind on the programme), Harold and Madge’s house (see!), Paul Robinson’s gaff (he’s back!) and last but by no means least Helen and Jim’s place. So many memories.

Spent a good hour there learning useful anecdotes (- did you know it’s only rained once on neighbours, when Madge got a new hairdo and something bad happened and it drizzled on her new ‘fro. Bless her), hints on how they make the show, juicy gossip about upcoming episodes and lots of frolicking around with the Ramsay St sign while friends took my picture. Best not to try and ‘ride’ the sign like a cowboy, apparently its not big and its not clever.

But being in the street was like being home. Forget Buddhism, I had found inner peace!

On the way back to the hostel we were treated to more trips down memory lane. Madge and Harold’s wedding and even the episode where Daphne dies. Not a dry eye left in the bus. We were then lucky enough to see the pop careers some of the cast have embarked upon - including some of Paul Robinsons songs. Again not a dry eye in the bus. For different reasons this time. The humanity!