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Andy’s Travel Diary

Friday, 28 Apr 2006

Location: Melbourne, Australia


Still in Melbourne. Well are actually staying in St Kilda which is just out from the City centre and is situated on a very picturesque point of the Bay. Lots of grand houses and shops but is slightly tatty round the edges and not just in terms of its architecture and how it looks, but also in terms of its culture, people and nightlife. Its slightly left of centre, artsy, with a burgeoning cafe and music scene. Have spent alot of time in a place called the Esplanade (Espy to the locals). Excellent live music venue which showcases alot of Melbourne talent.

Other than that i also had another fix of my Neighbours addiction. This time we all decided to go on the Neighbours ĎMeet the Starsí night. Crowd went wild when Katya, Boyd and Toadie came on stage. Got to meet them all, have pictures taken with them and test our knowlegde of the show with a quiz. Definitely the best night of many puntersí lives. Friend of mine discovered its best not to grope the stars, it gets you chucked out. Well done Esther. Good work.

Now iím waiting around for my train to Sydney. Eleven hours. Decided to get the overnight one to save money on accomodation (handy travelling trick). Opera, bridges and surfing here i come.