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Andy’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 20 Apr 2006

Location: Melbourne, Australia


Melbourne has, so far, been brilliant. Iím staying at this awesome hostel called X-base. Itís really trendy, very clean, spacious and modern. Practically a hotel.

Have met up with some friends i made in Perth. Still adapting to the different sets of relationships one has while travelling. Very different to the ones made in more static Ďexistencesí. Friendships are more transient, but far more open and honest. You can be best friends with someone one day and they will have flown off elsewhere the next. But iím settling in well to this sort of lifestyle. One has to be open to different social norms, rules and structures when backpacking. Enough of my sociology lesson though.

Have met a brilliant group of people here including one New Yorker called Renee who i later discovered is actually making a documentary on backpacking and travelling which airs on the Discovery Channel. Go check it out, they are very cool people and the show looks great. Here is a link - Five Takes.

Anyway tomorrow i meet up with Amy (uni friend), who has been out here for a while now. Really looking forward to catching up.


Game of the week: Ninja, Cowboy, Bear. Basically itís rock, paper, scissors but you use your whole body and make weird noises. Was having coffee with Renee when i told her about this revolutionary new concept in fun. Ended up having a game in the middle of the street whilst being filmed. It may even be on Tiffanyís (another of the tv presenters) vlog (go on the website i have just linked to and click on her name to find her homepage where it will be located) for all the world to see. Mum, Iím famous!!