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Andy’s Travel Diary

Friday, 07 Apr 2006

Location: Perth, Australia


Back in Perth for just two days before i head to Adelaide. Was meant to go down to Margaret River and then get the train from Perth to Adelaide - a mammoth 39 hour journey on the train (with no sleeper cabin as its too pricey) - but i left it too late and would have waited till 16th of pril to get a ticket. So i spent the night in Freo (Fremantle to the uninitiated) which is just south of Perth and is an old historic port town. Very laid back (seems the whole of Oz is!), great night markets, cafe culture and alternative hostels.

So i spent the night trying to find a way to Adelaide. Not as boring as it sounds. Itís nice to be on the road, one has to be really flexible and relaxed because plans inevitably change (especially if like me you leave things to the last minute - thesis springing to mind) and have to be modified to fit what other people are doing that you get along with. Only been here three weeks but already i feel iíve settled into it more so than i had the first week.

So anyway, next i thought i could get a bus, but it seems iím still thinking about space (thesis coming in handy again) and distance in a very British way. Would have taken about five days to get a bus thereÖand as far as i could tell there were no buses that travel those distances straight.

As a result iíve had to book a flight. Didnít cost too much, about 100 pounds. But sat at the computer last night with my finger over the confirm button for about half an hour (sorry parents, still not used to flying). Eventually decided it was the only way; i have five months in Oz before i fly to Malaysia and cannot afford another 10 days here.

So iím currently in Perth (Northbridge to be exact) at a very nice hostel called the Witchís Hat, really clean, nice wooden floors, big sofas, kind of like a really large house. Have some friends here who i met at Cottesloe, i might head out with them tonight.

Thatís all for now. Next stop is Adelaide. Apparently itís cold there which iím not happy aboutÖmy tan was just starting to make me look indian.