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Andy’s Travel Diary

Monday, 03 Apr 2006

Location: Cottesloe, Australia


There’s a tradition in Perth and the surrounding beaches. Drinking all day sunday. Would have been rude to not partake. Started at 3…finished at 3(am).

Everyone packs the seaside bars and restaurants watching the sun set over the sea. So we began our shannanigans in the courtyard in the hostel. Very friendly place (Ocean Beach Backpackers). Most people get trapped here and stay for a few weeks and i can see why. Then we headed to the beach and finally ended up in one of the clubs on the beachfront.

Have made many new friends. All going brilliantly. Tan coming on nicely.


Song of the week:
The Killers - Mr Brightside. One of the guys here keeps playing it non-stop as he loves it. Hostel anthem.

Drink of the moment:
Passionpop. Cheapest way to get drunk. Hostel has drunk the local bottleshop dry of the stuff.

Word of the week:
Beep. Misread a sign for sausages. Promptly began calling sausages beeps for about a week. Lots of funny looks until finally someone pointed out i had mistaken an ‘f’ for a ‘p’.