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Andy’s Travel Diary

Monday, 20 Mar 2006

Location: Perth, Australia


I made it! Finally reached Oz. The plane journey was mammoth. First a 12 hour flight, then a stopover in Hong Kong for six hours, then an eight hour flight to Perth.

Luckily my fears of one day being on Aircrash Investigations did not materialise and i made it safely to my destination but only with the help of a family members prescription tranquilizers (thankyou Diazepam!).

Still the flights were interesting. During the first take off i was so scared that i decided to sing about my favourtie things“…Maria never sang about scotch eggs, munch bunch drinky plus and Kinder Happy Hippos but i think she would have been proud of my warbling. Tried to get the rest of the plane to join in but no such luck.

Anyway..I’m here in Oz. Its 37 degrees so naturally, like any good englishman i have a hankerchief on my head tied at the four corners. Lovely.

Still very jet lagged. Had lots of plans to stay awake as much as i could and take a shower and go for walks etc. but today my head hit the pillow at one in the afternoon and i didnt wake until ten in the evening. I did get up at five o clock in the morning though (first time ever i think…wasnt on my “do a new thing everyday list” but oh well).

That’s it for now.


Favourite song of the moment:
None…been too busy to listen to music.

Favourite Food of the week:
Shrimps (on the barbie of course).

Book currently reading:
Flying: No Fear …Helped me through the last 48 hours. (Thankyou UCL friends).

Quote of the week:
“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page” St Augustine said this. Stirring stuff!

Creepy crawly of the week:
Cockroach…saw my first cockroach half an hour ago. It was up one end of the corridor, I was up the other. Stared at each other for a good five minutes before i chickened out and ran back up the stairs to take the long way round to the kitchen.

Cockroaches - 1
Andrew - 0