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Andy’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 05 Mar 2006

Location: Grafty Green, UK


Well, here it is, my blog of the travelling genre. What a beaut! Two weeks today and i will have my feet firmly back on terra firma (after a day of flying)...but instead of blighty, I'll have finally arrived in sunny (i hope) Oz. Until then there's much to do; choosing what to take (less is more), packing (all in the roll action apparently) and, most importantly, cramming in as many episodes of How Clean Is Your House as possible; keep up the good work Kim and Aggie.

Anyway, i digress, until i begin my travels I'll be in Grafty Green, a village in Kent that's twinned with Manhattan i believe (and the two are uncannily similar, not least the annual cheese rolling competitions). Mrs Miggins who runs the village shop can expect a big hug from me when i leave. God bless her pies and scotch eggs.

I have one more week at work. Have been there for nearly five months and its been the best stop-gap job I've ever had. Rock on E-government and communications team!! I've had such a good time there (though the early morning will not be missed) and learnt loads about computers, html, dreamweaver and so forth (all coming in very handy right this second...Laura, Sophie, I just put my A and P tags round the wrong way but spotted my mistake immediately! Typical, the cusp of my final week and the rule finally penetrates my grey matter).

Bye for now (anyone who is actually reading this).


Next Stop?
Heathrow/Hong Kong/Perth (as i won't get a chance to update between getting to heathrow and arriving in Perth.)

Favourite songs of the moment (just call me the new Zane Lowe):
'George Washington' by Hope of the States
'Make Your Own Kind Of Music' by the Mamas and the Papas (thanks to Lost for introducing me to this song).

Favourite food of the moment:
Kinder Hungry Hippos.

Book currently reading:
'The Master and Margarita' by Mikhail Bulgakov...thanks to my sister for buying me the Pengiun 'Banned Books' collection which had this in. It's a Soviet novel from the 30s which was banned (hence the collection) due to its (hidden) political undertones.

As a side note the collection also has a number of books banned in the U.S. including 'Of Mice And Men' which has been subjected to almost constant censorship attempts within the U.S. since it was first published. Most recently it was under review in Illinois in 2003. Land of the Free my a**e!

Quote of the moment:
"You have not converted a man because you have silenced him" John Morley.

Word of the moment:
Drunk - (unfortunately not me! The highlight of my saturday night at home was my father coming in three sheets to the my mum says, it means bladdered...after being down the village pub all day at the Grafty Green monthly 'Pudding Club'. I kid thee not.) Roll on the 17th March!