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Battye Family’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 12 Mar 2014

Location: Pemuteran, Indonesia

MapMoving on out of necessity rather than desire, we returned to a favorite spot from last year – Pemuteran. A fishing village on the relatively unexplored north coast, the pace is slow with mountains reaching down toward the sea, the sound of the call to prayer from the local mosque five times a day, and world-class snorkeling. Our second day, we found ourselves flying across the sea in the company of Indonesian pirates. OK, not real pirates – they were the “pirates that dive.” Jenny is terribly afraid of living creatures in the water. Death by anglerfish, electric eel or lionfish are all inevitable, as far as she’s concerned. We coaxed her into the water, clutching an orange life jacket in one hand and squeezing her fellow swimmers in desperation. We saw an amazing array of tropical wonders – pufferfish, purple and green parrotfish, rays and sea turtles. Along for the ride were Harald and Claudia from Hamburg who we met here last year and who got married in a traditional ceremony to which we were invited. The staff prepared all day – hearts of strewn hibiscus on the grass, offerings stacked high, gamelan players in a group near the sea.