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Battye Family’s Travel Diary

Friday, 01 Mar 2013

Location: Indonesia

MapThe beauty in Everyday Things
by Susan

Not all fried rice is the stuff of your local China Express. In Indonesia, as I learn in a breakfast foray away from eggs and toast, Nasi Goreng or fried rice contains the exoskeletons and leftover bits of a host of species of fish and fowl. Later that day in the local market, we strolled by stalls where women hacked pigs feet and chicken necks, sorted vegetables like the 2 foot long snake bean, and tended piles of tiny rice cakes ready to be added to offerings. The whole concept of offerings here is amazing. Imagine that each morning, in addition to your daily routine, you hand weave a dozen leaf baskets, fill them lovingly with bits of rice, exquisite little cakes, incense and flower petals and then make deliveries - to the home and village temples in thanks for all you have, outside your home and business to bring good fortune, and in the cross-streets and intersections to keep passersby safe. And then imagine you spend one-third of your life doing this. And witnessing it all, there is an aura of beauty and gratitude and gentleness so profound you can feel it, seeping in.