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Battye Family’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 Feb 2013

Location: Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

MapSnorkling by Emily

After we went to a restaurant for lunch, me, my dad, and Jenny go out and snorkle.When you get out far enough there are some amazing fish. My favorite was a see-through fish with a blue tail and a blue beak. It shot right past us. Jenny told my dad she didnt want to go any further and my dad said "But Jenny we're just getting to the drop-off." And with those two words Jenny swam as fast as she could back to shore. I followed her because I was super duper scared.After I came back on shore I thouhgt I should try it again so then Jenny watched the bags while me,my mom,and my dad went out into the reef.First we went to this humungus rock and over by the rock there was a big lion fish. I didnt like swimming over the rocks ,around it was good for me.There was a smaller rock with millions of fish around it and as we followed them they led us to a big school of fish.Snorkling was fun!
It felt as though I was in a movie but directing where I go.