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Battye Family’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 21 Dec 2006

Location: South of Bangkok, Thailand

MapWe were up bright and early to visit a coconut farm. Emily wants you to know three things: Coconut sugar is delicious, she can climb coconut trees, and in Thailand people put shirts on their dogs in the winter to keep them warm. We headed on to the floating market that has been operating south of Bangkok for a length of time that the locals describe as, "long, long." It was a fantastic day of moving along the canals in a long tail boat paddled by a driver and watching the people trading exotic fruits and strange vegetables. Noodle boats featured stoves and hot lunch items. It was all here, whatever you can imagine, and all on the river. At the edges of the canals, stalls were set up to sell teak carvings, clothing, and small gold buddhas. Jennifer and Emily were rewarded with smiles and laughter as they sang out, "Sawadee Ka!" (hello!) to every boat they passed. We bought pomello and jackfruit and thai pineapple on sticks and a sort of sweet pancake rolled like a taco and filled with meringue and toasted coconut. The whole concoction is prepared and served from the boat.

On the way back to town a wild boar crossed our path with a baby boar closely behind. We had lunch at a noodle shop where everything was written in Thai. What we ordered was all (with the exception of the dish I'll call entrail salad...I don't know the Thai name for it) delicious and the staff were clearly curious about their unusual farang (foreign) customers. The boys raved about the jackfruit ice cream and I got to help a number of the children learn the art of using a squat toilet. The owner, a local and beloved politician, offered John and I a job teaching English to the constituents of her town. We are having the time of our lives. More to come as the next stop in Kanchanaburi and the River Kwai.