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Big Timber Lodge’s Travel Diary

Monday, 16 Apr 2007

Location: Big Timber Lodge, USA

MapDick, Craig and Tami went out late in the afterrnoon on April 11th, the birthday of our dear Lucy Lu! We celebrated with cake and good wishes and a great dinner of fresh fish. The next day it was back to work. Lucinda painting her room and Tami priming hers for paint the next trip out. (In between cooking and constant sweeping!)
Craig went to work installing our kitchen cabinets (they turned out BEAUTIFUL!)
Dick and Lee took down several trees and cleared the area for our first cabin.
Ray and Ryan met us a couple of days later. Ryan started milling wood for the cabins and Ray started setting the pilings with the help of Dick and Lee. Lots of work done (and lots left to do). It's beautiful out there and we are all having a great time chipping away at what needs to be done. Lucinda retires in 2 weeks and 5 minutes :) She's will be out there living full time after that.
Dick is heading back out with another load of construction supplies and will stay for the next couple of weeks.
Tami will be back to the work in town and will try to fly out on weekends! Keep checking as we will have internet and phone out there in the next couple of weeks and can add our pictures a bit more often!