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Big Timber Lodge’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 26 Nov 2006

Location: Big Timber Lodge, USA

MapHappy Thanksgiving! All four of us spent the week at Big Timber. The weather was absolutely fantastic. Cold with a little snow on the ground.
Iona, Jason, Cole and Drew flew in on a float plane Tuesday afternoon. Jason began working right away, running wire and hooking us up to electricity! The guys and Iona followed closely with insulation, then later added the vapor barrier. What a huge difference that makes when it comes to a cold night!
Our fireplace is able to warm the Lodge and after the insulation is complete it will be more than sufficient! We certainly have enough fuel (wood) to keep it going!
On Thursday, Thanksgiving, Dick took the Starrfish in to Anton Larson, and picked up Erin, O'Brien, Chloe and Pele. We all had a fantastic and thankful Thanksgiving meal and Lucinda and I enjoyed testing our new stove and refrigerator! Awesome to have something that we take for granted in town.
Our generator gave up the ghost so another one will soon be on its way. Much larger with room for expansion. The last few days Big Timber has been run solely through solar power! Thanksgiving was the word for it.
It was so good to have half of the kids out there. The kids getting to know each other and the youngsters played so well! Drew and Chloe became good friends quickly and they were sad to part when it was time for Chloe to head home.
We are all very thankful for such a beautiful location, health, friends and family! We look forward to the many good times to come! As the pictures come in from Iona and Erin we will continue to add them to the site. Keep checking!

Happy Holidays