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Big Timber Lodge’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 29 Oct 2006

Location: Big Timber Lodge, USA

MapWOW, what a fantastic weekend! Dick, Tami and Lucinda went out for the weekend. Lee, Ryan, Tom and Craig were already out there and had been working away on the roofing and finished it this morning. Next to go in are the windows! We are so looking forward to seeing that happen. Don Dumm arrived Friday night and started right away installing the solar system. He spent the night and finished on Saturday.Lucinda, Lee and Tami came back in's always sad to have to leave. Dick is staying out at the Lodge site and will be doing whatever he can to keep things going. Lee and Lucinda are moving and taking care of all that goes with it. Lee is hoping to be back out in a few days. Lucinda and Tami will continue with their day jobs.
The weather couldn't have been more beautiful. Clear and very sunny. A bit chilly but nothing a coat can't solve. The views are amazing! Check out the website for additional pictures!