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Big Timber Lodge’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 22 Oct 2006

Location: Big Timber Lodge, USA

MapWe have had "INCREDIBLE" progress this past week! Lee, Craig, Tom and Ryan (along with his new puppy Eddy) have been working HARD. They headed back out Monday afternoon with a load of 3000+ lbs. of building supplies, the landing craft (Lazy Bay) showed up Tuesday night late with all the windows and bathroom fixtures. They have finished the rafters, and got the roof on the lodge, built a shed to house the solar unit and built the deck for the solar panels. The large wood pile that they had is down to the bare bones! They all came back to town last night (10/21) to visit their wives and figure out a way to get the metal roofing out to the site this next week. Dick will be back from the boat yard Tuesday night so he will be able to get out to the building site this week, Tami & Lucinda are hoping to get out there next weekend to get a feel of the place. They, just like you all, are just getting to look at these pictures too.