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Big Timber Lodge’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 12 Oct 2006

Location: Big Timber, USA

MapWe had an incredible week!! Lucinda went out on Friday morning (10/6) with supplies and meals that Tami had prepared for the guys and was blown away with all the progress since her last visit!! The guys were out of plywood, so Tom Springer showed up with a load of plywood from town in his skiff, he is another awesome neighbor AND carpenter who is available to help us build! On Saturday we put up the first wall, along with the help of John Barklow and crew (all Navy Seals!) They had been on a overnight successful elk hunt on Raspberry Island, WE HAVE IT ALL on Raspberry ! Then on Sunday we were able to get the BIG back wall up with the help of the track-hoe and 3 more exterior walls! Then on Sunday the weather was wet and windy but that didn't stop the guys they continued working and were able to get more walls up and on Monday we had beautiful weather but windy and they started putting some beams in and interior walls!! It was hard to come home Tuesday morning but the guys needed MORE building supplies and Stan Duncan (lives in Port Bailey) was going to town with his seiner (boat) and offered to bring us back our materials and diesel fuel!! It was a beautiful morning and the trip to town was incredible, there is snow in the high mountains and winter is on its way but the water was flat and the sea otters and whales were out enjoying the morning as much as we were.

Since I've been back in town the guys are still working away and I talked to them last night (10/12) and they have gotten up all the exterior walls, beams and are now putting up the rafters. They plan on coming to town Sunday evening or Monday morning for a couple of days and then will head back out with more materials and start putting on the ROOF!! Stay Tuned there's more to come!!