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Big Timber Lodge’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 13 Sep 2006

Location: Kodiak Home Base, USA

MapWhile the guys continue to mill lumber Lucinda and I met over in Anchorage to tackle some of the purchasing of the larger items that won't fit in the Lodge after it is enclosed. 2 bathtubs, 2 showers, 3 toilets a pedestal sink and bamboo flooring later we were done....for now. Everything should be here next week! Craig, our builder and friend will be starting to actually build in a few more days.
A friend took a load of pilings etc out with Dick on Monday morning. The guys, Ryan Dick and Lee, will be back in town today to tie up some loose ends here. My sister and her husband are arriving tomorrow and we will all head out on Friday or Saturday to fish and work from there. It's their honeymoon so hopefully they like the wall tent we will set up for them for the time being! Thanks again to everyone that is offering their time and assistance. We couldn't appreciate it more! We'll have more pictures to add to the site next week!! Until then~