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Big Timber Lodge’s Travel Diary

Monday, 28 Aug 2006

Location: USA

MapThis last week was another busy one. Ryan and Lee continue milling lumber and falling trees around the building pad. Lee has started clearing a path to the back meadow so that he can take down trees and clear an area for the future GreenHouse and Garden. Bill Clay scored us 15 windows for our outbuildings from a job site and Dick transported a huge bundle of pilings to Raspberry Island on his way out west to halibut fish. Over the weekend our friends Bill, Jenny & Jordan Clay came out with Lucinda on Friday evening and camped out. Saturday Bill, Lee & Ryan tore the old porch off of the existing cabin and framed in a new porch, complete with a window while Jenny, Jordan and Lucinda groomed the grounds around the building area. The weather was absolutely WET WET WET but we still enjoyed the peace of our surroundings and the baby eagles kept us entertained with their chatter and lack of flying skills! We also watched the playful sea otters out front. Saturday night we all came back to town. We met with our builder Craig Olsen and are finalizing the lodge blueprints. Ryan and Lee made 2 trips over the pass on Monday with supplies (plywood to dry in the porch & a bigger generator) before heading back out, they plan to be gone until Wednesday night at which time they will return to town for a long weekend. :-)