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Big Timber Lodge’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 24 Aug 2006

Location: Raspberry Island, Alaska, USA

MapAs of today Dick is still fishing (getting ready to leave for another halibut trip tomorrow) and can't spend as much time working at the site as he would like. His plan is that he will be able to go out in October for a good chunk of time until fishing starts again. Lee and Ryan have been working pretty steadily since Lee retired from Kodiak Oil Sales after 20 years. We all spent time out there last weekend. The first weekend of many! It was a blast. Ryan was running the saw mill like a pro. Dick was busy with the chain saw, falling and limbing tree's. Lee's many years as a heavy equipment operator have come in handy as he runs the track hoe with MUCH precision. No tree stump is safe with this team! Lucinda and I were doing whatever we could to clear the limbs and clean the site.

Just in case you were wondering, we are being careful to use just the lumber we need, wanting to conserve the area as much as possible. The beaches are pristine but we all agree the devils club can go!

We all look forward to this adventure. It is a dream come true for each one of us. Check in with us often to watch our progress and enjoy the ride!