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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 Feb 2013

Location: Muhanga, Rwanda

Thursday, February 28

Today we gathered all of our books and school supplies and headed off to visit the kids at Amizero Academy. This funding for the building of the two-classroom school came from one of Costa’s friends in Edmonton, Alberta. The school is a project of Terimbere Rwanda Organization or TRO, (formally known as GO Rwanda.) This organization is one that we’ve supported as a secondary project. The first crate we sent was to Muhanga and was distributed by the members here to the hospital, schools and vulnerable families they support.

The 44 kids here at the academy are all three to six years old and are just frigging adorable!!!!! Ten of the kids are paying to attend and the other 34 come from vulnerable families and are being sponsored. We had a little party with the kids, blew up balloons, had snacks and had a whole lot of fun playing together. This school is by far, the best one, in so many ways, that we’ve seen in either country in the past month. Way to Costa and your team!!!

After visiting the school we went to see the site of the new pig coop. The TRO HIV Co-op will be raising pigs as a sustainable way to support their families. They have built the covered pens on a site that is owned by TRO and are trying to bring it up to code with the regulations of the Rwanda government. When things are ready, they’ll move the pigs that are being taken care of by various coop families, to the site. As funding permits, they plan on raising other animals like rabbits and chickens and also bees at this site. Last year, we donated $300 to help purchase some animals and this year we gave them $500 more. This amount was from donations given from friends to donate for projects on the ground on this trip as well as some other One Person money sp THANKYOU!!

After checking out some local crafts, we went back to get ready for a visit to Costa’s sister, Seraphine and her husband Peter’s. I first had to go and pay a visit to Mama Costa and the family so Denise and I hopped on a couple piki-piki’s and headed over with gifts for all. It was great to see everyone again but the visit was definitely too short!!

When we went to Peter and Seraphine’s later, we enjoyed a great buffet, cooked by Seraphine, and the company of a group of our friends. It was a wonderful evening and I was once again reminded how lucky I am to be welcome in so many homes while on these trips.

After saying goodnight to Seraphine and Peter, we all walked back to our rooms together and said another sad goodbye to more of our friends. In the morning, we would be heading into the city to catch a plane for our long journey home. It's been another incredible journey and I can't wait to come back!!

Look on here again for summaries of the trip by various members of the group. We’ll all be suffering from Jetlag so it might take a few days to get things posted.) Thanks for sharing this experience with us and maybe consider making this an experience of your own some day!!!!