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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 24 Feb 2013

Location: Kahama, Tanzania

MapSaturday, February 23rd

Today was an exhausting day. We worked in the container in the blazing sun for hours. LeAnne commented that she had no idea just how much stuff was in this thing; even I couldn’t believe how much there was. It takes so long to fill it it’s easy to forget what’s in the front section.

We hauled over 160 barrels and boxes all the way to the back of the hospital compound for the Amani kids, moved all of the educational and library materials to the old crate and hauled all of the medical items into the hospital!!! We had some great workers helping us and as always, had fun communicating in each other’s language as we worked!!

Dr. Andrew and some of the hospital staff spent some of the time outside the container waiting to see to the all-important ultrasound machine, which was at the front. This much-needed piece of equipment was donated by the Kamloops Hospital/Interior Health. The staff was just ecstatic to get it. The one at the hospital at the hospital broke some time ago they and were having to send some of the cases to Shinyanga, which is 150 km away. With the mother and infant mortality rate so high, an ultrasound machine is a valuable piece of equipment!!

By the time we got back to Pineridge we were completely worn out. My feet felt so swollen, I thought my shoes would burst!!

We had one social engagement before we could rest up for tomorrow. Dr. Andrew had invited us over for dinner to meet his fiancée, Pendo. They’re getting married in March! A few friends stopped by while we were there, but we were able to get home early and get a few things done before our next busy day.

On Sunday, while we were working in the crate, we sorted sports uniforms into colours so we could make up sets to hand out to boys’ soccer teams and girl’s netball teams. After spending hours in the container which was heating up to pretty unbearable temperatures, we decided to get the barrels hauled back to our room and work there. We had decided the best way to ensure that the all the soccer balls get handed out to children was to deliver them ourselves, so needed to further sort the shirts and balls so they would be ready to go when we arrived at a school.

Pene had received a donation from a friend named Marilyn Kaulback which she wanted spent on something educational. We decided that we would purchase school supplies for Busende primary school, a school I had visited in the past. LeAnne and found a little stationary store, probably the only one in town open on a Sunday, and bought $100 worth of exercise books and pencils, etc.

We knew we were going over to Jackie’s (District Ed Officer) later and thought we would ask her if she could arrange for us to go to some of the remote villages. We had a great visit, learned a lot more about how things work in TZ from Jackie’s prospective, and left knowing we had the use of a lorry for the day.