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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Friday, 22 Feb 2013

Location: Kahama, Tanzania

MapFriday, February 22nd

It was a sad morning saying goodbye to four more of our group. Nancy had left yesterday and now Twyla and Glen were going home. Pene and Anna were heading out for a safari and wouldn’t be getting back until Tuesday night.

After they all left, LeAnne and I headed over to begin working in the container. For the past two weeks we’d been asking for a key to our old container but were never given one. We wanted to make sure it was empty so we could sort into it. Today, when it was opened I was horrified. It was strewn with opened and broken boxes and would have to be cleaned up before we could work in the new crate.

We asked for a helper and met Faraji who is the nephew of Adam, (the boy who helped us with the first container.) What a hard working young man is is…just like his uncle Adam!! The three of us got the container whipped into shape in no time. Once it was cleaned up, there wasn't as much stuff in it as we thought. Now it was time to open the new one!!!

When we did, I was happy to see how well the barrels survived the trip. Our last container was mostly boxes and by the time they’d ripped everything apart at the port, some of them were in pretty rough shape. We set right to work, now with extra help, and sorted as much as we could, knowing that when our day ended, we would have to reload items as everything must be secured and locked away. It was tiring and hot but we had a lot of fun with our working partners.

When we got back to Pineridge, the South Africans from the mine were having a little party out front. We didn’t know what to think of these guys when we first saw them here, but we got to know them a bit over the past two weeks. They’re a bunch of 30ish guys who like to play hard but are all really friendly. They probably like us because we remind them of their mothers. We had a bit of fun and stayed up too late. I got back to my room and realized that I hadn’t finished my laundry so had to do stay up even later. I was trying to hang it outside and ended up falling on the skating rink I’d created on the stairs by squeezing out my clothes on the marble. I’m still hobbling around two days later.