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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 20 Feb 2013

Location: Kahama, Tanzania

MapWednesday, February 20th

I havenít written much about our container problems because I didnít know what was happening and didnít want to worry anyone back home.

The container had arrived in Dar es Salaam around five weeks ago. We had thought that things were progressing smoothly and I fully expected the container to be here when we arrived. While we were in Rwanda, I was shocked to find out that they were asking for more paper work and the container had not been released from customs. Over the last two weeks itís been an emotional roller coaster, one day we would hear that the container was on its way and the next we would find out it wasnít leaving for another day. I was getting worried that it wouldnít come in time for me to deal with the distribution and the all-important donor pictures.

Anyway, now weíve been told again that itís on its wayÖitís supposed to be here by Thursday night. We were also told that it will cost another $3000. Weíre now in negotiations to work out who will pay what. Selling the other container to pay for the extra charges was one of the considerations. Today we met with the District Executive Director (DED) and a few others to discuss what will happen. We came to an agreement; the District will come up with $2000 and One Person will pay the other $1000. The district also decided not to sell the old container

During the meeting I talked to the DED about the library books that I knew were still in the Kahama Teacher resource (TRC) next door. Following the meeting the group of us went to visit the TRC. We were frustrated to see so many of the books still in the boxes they came in. They only have one guy working on sorting, recording and applying the dewey decimal system to them. Once he's done they plan to take them to the various TRC's.

Things were pretty disorganized; boxes were broke and books were on the floor so we decided that they needed some fast-working mzungus to get things rolling. Twyla, Nancy and I worked for the afternoon sorting and repacking books. Glen and Twyla will come back tomorrow and finish the job.

The rest of the team had gone out with Dr. Andrew for the day to visit dispensaries and health clinics in the more remote areas. Iíll talk one of the girls into writing about that!!!

Tomorrow is a big day..the Amani party and the container arrival!