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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 17 Feb 2013

Location: Kahama, Tanzania

MapSunday, February 17th


Our plan for a Sunday outing today was to go Joseph’s village Lugunga. After many attempts to buy cookies in the market, we found a minibus and set out to the village. Forty minutes later we got off the bus and bartered with a swarm of teenage boys to take us to Lugunga by motorcycle taxi.

With 3 people per vehicle we meandered through goat trail shortcuts to our first pit stop, a makeshift gold mine. A shanty town had been erected in an area where a number of years prior someone had found a gold nugget. A group of approximately 30 men were manually shoveling large holes and deep shafts on search of gold. When we 5 mzungu ladies Joseph, Emanuel and the drivers arrived, we were welcomed given a tour and encouraged to stay for a drink. We did a quick tour, declined the refreshments and were on our way. After another 15 minutes of trail we reached Joseph’s mom’s house.

They live in a mud hut with several smaller buildings. The small group of children at his house grew larger and larger as word spread that mzungus had arrived. We had a short visit with Joseph’s parents, gave them gifts and drank pop amidst the excited laughter, shouting children. By the time we distributed candy and cookies to the kids there were 40 or so small children surrounding us and following us to the village market and soccer field.

Because it was a Sunday most of the village were in the streets, the market or out in the soccer field. The market was a colorful, bustling array of spice merchants, shoe sellers, farmers, fishers, tool salesmen and rows and rows of stunningly gorgeous fabrics. As we wended our way through the market it seemed like a scene out of a movie, with complete chaos ensuing, people laughing shouting welcome, trying to shake our hands and children dancing with glee. We caused quite a spectacle! We met the coach of the men’s soccer team at the edge of the market where Brenda gifted him with a set of uniforms. The crowd grew even larger as the coach made a thank you speech.

Despite wanting to stay and explore, we realized it would soon be dark, so made a quick exit. The trip home was quicker, but equally beautiful. It was agreed by all that this of one of our best days since arriving in Tanzania.