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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 16 Feb 2013

Location: Kahama, Tanzania

MapSaturday, February 16th

I started my day today struggling with the internet again and then was joined our friend Emmanuel who came over for computer lessons. (I wrote about Emmanuel previously; heís a teacher who also runs a day care/preschool.)

Allison Howard from Penticton had donated a brand new laptop for One Person to give to someone here in Kahama. We decided to give it to Emmanuel since he has a good knowledge-base of computers and his English is great. He'll be our contact person here in Kahama and will be available to do things that we canít do from Canada. He'll help us stay connected with children that weíre sponsoring in the community and will assist us when we want to pay for their education costs.

After spending the afternoon attending to things like laundry (hand-washing) and other tasks, we all got ready for our evening out with Dr. Andrew. We were invited to our friends Athanis and Angelís to see their baby Amanda. She was born 6 months ago on my last trip. After a surprise dinner, (good thing we didnít eat after our afternoon masala fries,) and an evening of visiting, we headed to the Masai club with Andrew and Athanis.

I donít think the Masai Club the place that respectable women our age frequent, but since we arenít respectable we thought it would be OK to go. Of course we were the only mzungus in the place as well as the only women over 40. That didnít stop the young Tanzanian boys from fighting their way through the crowed, sweaty dance floor to try to dance with us. If you ever need an ego booster, this is probably a good place to go.

Itís normal here for people to go out at 11pm and stay out until 6am. Since our plan was to go to church with joseph and Dr Andrew, we thought weíd better head home early and left at 2:30.
There were so many motor bikes outside the club that I thought Iíd just left a Hellís Angelís clubhouse. When Dr Andrew was trying to maneuver his vehicle through the bikes, a guy came out swinging a stick at the bikers so they would move. (This is how the teachers get the school kids to move out of the way also.) It was very chaotic!!!

It was a fun way to spend a Saturday night!! Everyone should experience night club action in a place like this!!!!