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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Friday, 15 Feb 2013

Location: Kahama, Tanzania

MapFriday, February 15

All of us started the day with grand rounds (my first) at the hospital as we were officially presenting the staff with our donated medical items. There were 3-4 deaths discussed which is about the norm for the past 24 hours. When you’re there hearing this and thinking about the little babies dying of malnutrition, HIV or malaria or moms who didn’t survive childbirth it’s a lot different than reading statistics in a book or newspaper.

After rounds, we made our presentation of hospital scrubs from staff at Penticton Hospital, stethoscopes, BP cuff, etc. from BC Ambulance, and various other items.
Thank you to everyone who contributed items to Kahama Hospital!!!!

Following that, some of us met with Flora from the Amani program to discuss the chicken coop. Last year we had left some money to help start up a coop which will help support the most vulnerable of the women-headed households in the Amani group. They have met numerous times since last summer and now have formed a committee consisting of a chair and treasurer, etc. They wrote up a proposal and one of the women they know donated a piece of land to build the structure. All of the ladies involved with the coop will get formal training in raising chicken.
Raising them on this scale is a new thing in TZ; most people would only have a few chickens running around their yard (and as we’ve seen, sleeping in their huts with them.)

The proceeds from the coop will be split into three…some going towards expenses, some divided up between the families and some put away to expand. We decided to $1000 of the donated money towards this very sustainable project.

I have no idea what we did after that because I’m a bit behind in my Planet Ranger and the days are blending together. This is probably a good time to give a container update. Our container was supposed to be here weeks ago, but there have been repeated delays. Customs charges, port charges, storage charges, and grease-the-palm charges which have all added up to approximately $3000. The container is supposed to come any day but keeps getting delayed. We are working to sort things out and are hopeful it will arrive soon. To add to the stress of the container I further punish myself on a nightly basis by attempting to get on the internet! It’s no wonder that beer o’clock is rolling around a little more often on some days!