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Brenda’s Travel Diary

Monday, 16 Jul 2012

Location: Tanzania


Today is my god brother, Harryís 20th birthday Ė I canít believe he is so old! Happy Birthday Bro! Iím sad that I wonít get to tell him happy birthday in person, but he missed one of my birthdays a few years ago so now weíre even!
When I woke up this morning, I didnít expect to be participating in an African music video!! I still donít even fully understand what happened. I was sitting in my hotel room and I heard very loud music coming from outside. I just assumed that the workers here liked to work while listening to music. After five or so minutes of the music, I decided to look outside... and when I did I saw that there was about 10 women singing a song to a camera with 20 or so people watching them. 5 of us stepped outside and then we got called over by a man that told us that we were going to be in a Ďpictureí. We were all so confused about what was happening but just decided to go with it. There were 5 men in suits standing in a row and Brenda, Sheena, my mom, and I all had to stand between them while they sung to the camera, reminding you this is in Swahili... we had no idea what they were singing. My mom and I recognized the tune from my brotherís church and so I know I have heard the song before... but in English. I couldnít stop laughing at how awkwardly funny this was. After swaying back and forth to the music in front of the camera, we then relocated to in front of a fountain that didnít have any water in it. All of the singers started to climb onto the fountain and so we did too. I expected to have a picture taken since that what they told us it was going to be, but then they started to sing again and I realized we were in another part of their music video. I was handed a baby that I held for a little while and then someone took her off me. Everyone kept looking at us and encouraging us to sing the words, and we had to keep telling them that thereís no way we could even figure out what they were singing! After the scene at the fountain we had to tell them that we needed to go do work because we really didnít want to be in any more of the video. I really hope we get to see the video some day, it was all so funny and I know that we all just looked like idiots standing there swaying back and forth and smiling. If I do get to see the video, I doubt I will show any of my friends... sorry!

The rest of the day was uneventful but i'm excited for this week!!